A Special Opportunity

Thanks to Alex Wayne (next to Ms. Obama), White House team leader for Bloomberg, SouthArc President (and Alex’s mom) Lucy Wayne got to attend the 2016 White House press Christmas party.  The White House was beautiful and the food/beverages were terrific.  Although you only get a couple of minutes with the President and First Lady, it was a thrill to be able to attend this party.  And you can’t beat the souvenir photo!

Staff Changes

After over 30 years in cultural resources management, SouthArc founding partner Martin Dickinson retired in September 2016.  Although now enjoying lots more time for fishing, boating and travelling, Martin remains available for occasional consultations.

Co-founder Lucy Wayne is now President/CEO of SouthArc.  Long-time graphics manager and senior archaeologist John Davidson has also become a shareholder.

North Central Florida Survey

SouthIArc has recently completed fieldwork on a 7,500-acre survey in North Central Florida.  The property lies on both sides of the New River, and contains multiple prehistoric and historic archaeological sites.  It is anticipated that the documentation for the project will be completed in early fall 2016.


McGuinn and Diamond Dormitory

FAMU 013SouthArc is completing HABS Level II documentation for the original womens’ dormitories at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.  The dorms originated as an L-shaped, 3-1/2 story brick structure called McGuinn Hall.  It was designed in the Georgian Revival style by Rudolph Weaver in 1937.  In 1948, Diamond Hall was added to the north end to form the present U-shaped building.