Sweet Cane

South Arc, Inc. - Sweet CaneLucy Wayne, Vice President of SouthArc, is the author of Sweet Cane: The Architecture of the Sugar Works of East Florida (2010). The book combines archaeological, historical and architectural research on eight sugar works sites located in Volusia and Flagler Counties in East Florida. These sites were built between the second half of the 18th century and 1835, but were destroyed at the beginning of the Second Seminole War of 1835-1842. Most were never rebuilt, and the sugar industry moved to other areas of Florida. The book provides a history and description of the sugar industry in Florida, a discussion of the impacts of technological changes on the sugar works, and a history and description of each of the eight sites. The book is available from the University of Alabama Press (www.uapress.ua.edu), as well as through on-line book sellers.