Lucy B. Wayne, Ph.D., RPA

Regional Director

image6061Lucy Wayne, Regional Director, is the company’s architectural historian and historian, as well as a principal archaeologist and project manager. She has primary responsibility for overall company management, supervising project analyses, and completion of project documentation, as well as financial management. Lucy has worked on architectural history, historic and archaeological projects throughout the southeastern United States and in the Caribbean. In addition to archaeological projects, these projects have included historic structure studies, historic district surveys, development of cultural resource management plans, HABS documentation, extensive historic research, and expert witness services.

Lucy has a Ph.D. degree in architecture from the University of Florida, specializing in historic preservation, an MA degree in anthropology from the University of Florida, specializing in historic archaeology, and a B.A. degree in art history from Mary Washington College. She has also completed graduate coursework in library science. Lucy’s training includes cultural resource legislation, archival research and preparation of brochures, exhibits and presentations for the general public. She is a Past President of the American Cultural Resource Association (ACRA), a national trade association of firms like SouthArc. She is also the author of Sweet Cane: The Architecture of the Sugar Works of East Florida (University of Alabama Press 2010).

John H. Davidson

Senior Archaeologist/Graphics and Facilities Manager

image8431John Davidson is SouthArc’s senior staff member, responsible for archaeological field and laboratory studies, as well as graphics, including both CAD and GIS. He has worked on archaeological surveys, site assessments and data recovery excavations in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. He has also participated in underwater archaeology projects in Florida. John has a BA in anthropology from the University of Florida plus additional training in GIS and safety. In addition to his archaeological duties, John serves as equipment and safety manager for SouthArc, and assists in training new employees in SouthArc procedures.

Martin F. Dickinson, MA, RPA

Consulting Archaeologist

MartinMartin Dickinson, Past President of SouthArc, serves as an on-call consulting archaeologist for SouthArc projects. He is available to assist with project design and coordination as needed, and to provide marketing services.  Martin has completed projects throughout the southeastern United States as well as in the Caribbean and South Atlantic. These projects have included surveys, site assessments, mitigation excavations, resource management plans, historic land use studies, site preservation, archaeological monitoring and site interpretation.

Martin has an MA degree in anthropology from the University of Florida, specializing in archaeology, and a BA degree in anthropology from the University of South Florida. He has training in cultural resource legislation, aerial photography interpretation, botany, human osteology, and architectural history. Martin has also had experience in heritage tourism, providing tours of archaeological and natural resources, as well as co-managing the Historic Haile Homestead, a restored 1855 plantation home.

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